Monday, April 30, 2012

Georgia Gardening

In an effort to inject more fun and less couch potato into our lives, we decided we needed a garden.  You see, recently I've become a bit obsessed with fresh, ready to cook, GOOD TASTING veggies.  What better way to have that than to grow your own?  It is a labor of love, to be sure.
In the Atlanta area, there is a service gaining momentum that delivers local and mostly organic fresh fruit and veg, and I could talk about them forever.  Nature's Garden is the service and definitely worth checking out.  But what could beat going out your back door to cut your own tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peas or herbs?
I'm not saying that we did it the "right" way or the "best" way according to the Gardener's scripture of planting.  We did it the "best" and "right" way for us for right now.
Here are a few pix of how we laid it out and chose what to plant where.
Laying out the raised bed kit.  We bought 2 4'x4' kits to make one large 4'x12' bed.  The spot was chosen for consistent sunshine and access to water.

We rented a tiller from Home Depot and the ground wasn't nearly as awful as we expected.  This is after tilling in 3 bags of mushroom compost to lighten our Ga red clay.

We added lots of ammended dirt to our box, after removing as many rocks as we could.

We built our own trellises for running veggies like beans, cucumbers and sugar snap peas.  Being a planner, I had to check spacing before I made the final comittment to permanent growing locations.

All mulched out and ready to....water and wait.  Marigolds added to bring good bugs and get rid of the bad.  

Show the artichoke a little love too, won't you?